hey there, blogsville…

So, yesterday morning the Danger-man comes tearing into the livingroom to tell me that he saw a squirrel in kitchen and ‘the squirrel left us a pinecone.’
really?!  a freaking squirrel? I haven’t even had a stinking cup of coffee. (which won’t be enough-but I’ll take what I can get)  how in the hell did a squirrel get into the freaking kitchen, anyway!
I nearly started crying. We really needed to LEAVE and the Danger-man still(still) needed to put on his socks. I really did not have time to deal with this squirrel. Okay, I admit, it doesn’t sound that bad. It’s only a small, wild animal. Plus, it brought us a gift. Nothing I can’t handle, normally; but it’s hard getting the hang of having two kids. And, I nearly had both of  ’em, and myself (which is saying a lot these days) ready to go.  (I know, waaaahhhhh, right?)
I started tentatively looking for this pinecone but I didn’t  see it. Only then, did I realize that the Danger-man could not stop giggling. Finally, it hit me—he pranked me! I gave him the side-eye and asked him what happened to the squirrel, only to hear: “April Fools.” I nearly started crying for a whole new set of reasons.   

So, I suppose, this is me -starting a blog. Good start, no?
Now, let’s see if I can hang.

Welp, welcome to my {our} life.


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