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am I really crying right now…

Okay, so it might be a bit early in our relationship to say this but, I’ll freely admit that I cried like baby when Dobby died. I don’t think that is strange. I was invested in that relationship for the better part of seven years.  I’m telling you this so you know that crying over children’s books is not abnormal for me. But-by no means is it common for me either.

With that being said, I think you can image that I am at least mildly surprised when I find myself choking up while reading to my kids lately.  I first noticed it while reading ‘No David’ to the Danger-man last week. It seems like that book was written just for him-really, it is uncanny. Now it’s ‘Stellaluna’. I’m pretty sure I read it 10 times today. (at least!) And, I swear, it was like a kick in the teeth every time I read it. For some reason, I have oodles of empathy for that damn little mama bat and with that comes an overwhelmingly grateful feeling  that my own babies are cuddled up next to me listening to a storybook.  

I don’t know, perhaps, I’m just getting too invested in the characters after the hundredth time through.

I can’t help but wonder, am I the only one that gets this emotional over children’s books? (Surely not. Right??)


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first words…

"mama" "mama"

The Pea-face has been babbling for a while now. Of course Da-da came out first, much to Eric’s delight and my dismay. (Seriously! How can he be 2 for 2?? I’m the one that pushed them both out and breastfed them.) But, today! Oh today, the Pea started saying Mama!

She started wrapping her tongue around the M sound right after she spit Da-da out for the first time. But, today she said it and meant it!  (I mean, I’m pretty sure she meant it.) She was all “mama” -slap me in the face- “mama” -slap, slap, slap- ‘ma-ma.” Then lunch time rolled around. I plopped her in the high chair and headed over to the cupboard. AND she’s all “mmmm… mmmm… MAMA MAMA!!” I turned around and she was waving at me! Yep–I’d say she know’s what it means! (take that da-da!) Cheesy-face.

I can’t help but think of the Danger-man at a time like this. His first word was Daddy. (Like, for reals, not just babble).  But he would not say Mommy or Mama- (at least not to my face— according to  Eric, he’d ask for ‘Mommy’ when I wasn’t around.) He did, however, call me Daddy and then by my ACTUAL NAME for like 6 months after he started talking.  It always made him collapse into giggles.  Apparently, he thought it was hilarious. (I’m glad somebody did, let’s just say I didn’t. I won’t recount all the tears here. But, don’t worry, what happens next is soo cute I forgave him.)






one of my favorite photos of the Danger-man from back then...


Fast-forward to the Danger-man and I flipping through a toy magazine. The Danger-man points to Batman and says “atman” (yes…he said batman [sort of] among other things, like turtle and kitty, before he would call me ‘mommy.’ Don’t rub it in.) But, then he sees Wonder Woman. He looks at her, looks at me, looks back at her and points to her and says “Mommy!” (eeefff yeah!)


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