night weaning: try it, you might like it

Breastfeeding is hard. Like really hard. And frustrating.

I don’t like to complain about it because I know there are tons of women out there who really want to breastfeed but can’t. I’ve had my own difficulties as well and I know I’ve been lucky to be able to breastfeed both my children for any time at all. But, that doesn’t make it any less hard or frustrating.

 Nobody ever prepared me for the fact that my son would ween himself at 5 months. Especially since we got off to such a great start: he latched perfectly right away. I never had a sore nipple much less a cracked one. I always had enough. (If you know what I mean.) Then he weened himself at 5 months.  I was devastated and tried pumping for a while. But, it was frustrating and it hurt. Plus, I was bummed and hurt that he didn’t want ‘me’ anymore. So, I gave up. (Which I still feel guilty about.) 

This time around, with the Pea, I’ve been super committed to make this work. I even willingly gave up our weekly date night because I was so not willing to let her have a bottle.  The good news: we’ve made it nearly 4 months longer this time around, so far and we’re still going strong.  But, I think my efforts may have backfired on me a bit.

 The Pea will not use a bottle. She won’t even take a sippy. (Although, she is learning to drink from a straw and likes to drink water from my cup.) And (here comes the frustrating part) she started nursing all night.  It might sound like an exaggeration but, I’m not kidding. The kid has been attached to me all night long (by that I mean ALL FREAKING NIGHT!) As you can probably image , I’ve been getting no sleep, at all.  It’s weird because she has already been sleeping through the night, for months now. It’s been so difficult at times that I’ve thought I might need to ween her.

Thankfully, Eric is amazing. He lets me sleep in every morning and tries to help me out in the middle of the night. But, the Pea is a maniac. If he tries to move her away from me she freaks out! Screaming, crying, struggling to get back to me and general tantrum like behavior. (Basically, the works.) And if that fails, she’ll just stare at me. It is quite the sight to see. And the kicker: she not actually eating and she doesn’t want to. She’s just wants to latch on and stay latched on.

So,we decided to give night weaning a shot. We moved her into her own room. Eric spent a week sleeping on the couch so he could be close by when she woke. (I mentioned he’s amazing, right? I’m a lucky lady.) But, would you believe she did not wake up once? Not once. She’s been in her own room for over a week now and she has slept through the night, every night. (Again! Finally!)

And Mama and Papa have gotten to sleep through the night too. (Again! Finally!) Well, at least for the most part.  The Danger-man still likes to wake us up super early.


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