Before having kids, I never realized how many toy commercials crop up around the holidays. But, these days (when it seems that every other sentence from Danger-man starts with ‘I want’) I’m well aware of this phenomenon. And let’s just say it drives me bonkers. 

Last year it was easy enough, we’d just remind him to ask Santa and he’d forget all about it by bed time. This year, we’re not so lucky. This year, he drags up to the toy section to admire every toy that he has ever seen star in a commercial.  And this year, he has big plans for Santa. You should have seen his meltdown over Pillow Pets. (Really, kid?) It was rather pitiful. He saw a commercial and started sobbing because “everyone else has one so, why can’t I?” Umm..first of all who is this ‘everyone’ you speak of? Second, I really thought I had a few more years before I’d hear this argument. (Can you say unprepared. Yikes.) Then he pulled out the big guns:  “and my baby sister needs the unicorn one  too!” (oh boy… thank cheese and rice for Granni, who pulled through with pillow pets for their slumber party–just sayin’.)

So, at the risk of sounding corny, my goal this Christmas  is to teach the Danger-man more about the real joys of the season.  Meaning: we’re giving handmade christmas gifts this year. Perhaps, if he doesn’t see mama and papa stressing and wrapped up in the commercial side of the holidays, it’ll be easier for him to ignore it too.  Plus, it’ll give us more time to spend together, with the tv off. And more time to spend experiencing the awesome holiday goodness that our city has to offer. (Like Peacock Lane! eeee!) 

So, basically, this is my public apology to our family for the ultra-cheesy but totally heart-felt gifts you’re gonna receive this year.  Umm, sorry!


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