ready or not…kindergarten here we come.

There isn’t anything on the planet that bums me out as quickly and completely as the thought of kindergarten. (I mean, how did we get here already? Wasn’t he just born?)

When he was a baby I used to daydream about this time in his life. I’d play with his tiny feet and wonder what he’d be like at this age. I’d  stroke his hair and wonder what backpack he’d choose for the first day of school. (Ninja Turtles, Transformers, something  I have not heard of  yet but will undoubtedly drive me crazy in the years to come? Please, not Barney.) I’d watch him sleep and worry that he wouldn’t make friends easily. But now… now  kindergarten isn’t theoretical its eminent and I’m not ready. The thought of actually dropping him off on his first day reduces me to tears.

(I’m not nuts. I am aware that  this school year isn’t over yet and afterwards I’ll still have an entire summer.) Kindergarten round-up start next month. Which means,  I have two full months of meetings at different schools to decide which school(s) we should apply for. Followed by months of  anxious waiting  and sleepless nights until we find out IF he is actually chosen for the lottery. So with all that–kindergarten is really right around the corner.

I feel like Kindergarten is mocking me. Enjoy you’re last few months with your Danger-man because then he’ll be mine and I’ll only let you have him on the weekends. Before you know it he’ll stop wearing undies adorned with superheros and then I’ll come for his sister. (insert evil villan laugh here.) 

But, I won’t really get to enjoy these last few months because I’ll be losing sleep at night second guessing myself. Wondering if we choose the right school. Wondering if we should move to a school district where our neighborhood school would be sufficient so we wouldn’t even have to worry about magnets- or charters- and the lottery system. Worrying that we made the choice (whatever choice we make) for the wrong reasons.

(I’m REALLY not ready for this. I’m off to snuggle my Danger-man who’s wearing nothing but his Jedi undies and to savor the moment for as long as it lasts.)


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