for the love of books…

I’m still trying to figure out this whole blogging thing so I’ve been browsing blogs in my spare time lately. And I stumbled on Book Chick City and this reading challenge. 100 books in a year. 

Initially, I thought: “I can totally do that.–I’m in!” 

And then I realized, I COULD do that IF I counted children’s books. I think I read maybe 20 adult books last year. MAYBE. (And, embarrassing enough,  nearly half of those were the Sookie Stackhouse series.)

What’s worse, I read way more often when I was a working mom. Now, that I’m a sahm (wow. I think that was the first time writing that acronym. It felt weird.) I just don’t get that much ‘me’ time.  And yes, I counted my 30 minute bus ride (each way) as ‘me’ time.

This year, I want to read more-for myself (and not just textbooks). Really, it’s what I love and it’s what I do best. We’re only 9 days in to the new year so I suppose it’s not to late for a resolution and to join this challenge.

 Okay—so it’s not 100 books. But, it’s a start..and maybe the challenge aspect will keep me motived to make some time for myself to do what I love. Plus, I haven’t read Anne Rice’s entire Vampire Cronicles- so there’s that.  

 Wish me luck. ❤


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