weekly funnies

You know, Bill Cosby was right.  Kids DO say the darndest things.

Most days the Danger-man cracks me up no less than 12 times with all the silly shit that comes out of his mouth. To which he consistently responds: “Why you laugh?” (That’s always the kicker for me. He genuinely has no idea what’s so funny.) Usually, I’ll  text the joke to the Hubs at work and vow that I’ll remember it forever.  (But, forever usually last about a week.)

 So, I think I’ll try to start a weekly post to round up all the silly things he says (and the Pea as she gets older). That way I’ll have them for posterity’s sake and maybe we’ll crack you up in the process.

“Mommy (the Pea) has a China” (say what?) “I have a penis and my sister has a China”

“I don’t want this banana, this one is all wiggle-ly. I want a straight banana.” (Sorry, they don’t usually grow straight) “ah, Mom”

“Mommy, let’s play house. You can be the Mommy, I’ll be the boy and (the Pea) can be the baby.” (okay–maybe that one is only funny to me because, well, in essence we play that everyday.)

In response to wearing  the leather jacket I found him at a vintage consignment store: “I guess, I’m a punk rocker.”  (As if it wasn’t funny enough that he calls it his  ‘Cry-baby’. You know, that movie with Johnny Depp.)



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2 responses to “weekly funnies

  1. Kit

    Trust me you want to write them down. You think you’ll remember them forever but you won’t.
    I like the China. I cant wait for him to say, “Momma, how come there’s hair on your China?”

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