weekly funnies (part 2)

After I found a bowl of water hanging out in the fridge:
“I’m saving it for our cat. When we get a cat.”

After sneezing several times:
“Looks like I got a bad temper.”

Watching the hubs pee:
“Is that a firehose??”

Discussing the birds and the bees:
“Mama, how does the sperm get in the belly?” 
Um… When we want to have a baby, Daddy puts it there. (Perhaps, I’ve given him way too much info too soon because I have no idea where to go with this one. So, I decided for now less is more, for now.)
“So he kisses your belly and puts the sperm inside?”
“Yep, that’s about right. Now, I don’t wanna catch you kissing anybody’s belly.”
“But, I REALLY want to!”  

Oh…and this:

(Okay–that’s totally from last month. But, it still kills me… daily)



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4 responses to “weekly funnies (part 2)

  1. LOL That photo is priceless…definite 21st birthday fodder. The sex thing is interesting, I must have given too much information because our then eight year old wanted to watch, so he could learn what to do…oh dear.

  2. …and he’s not the sort of kid to sit back and watch from a distance, he’d be up c-l-o-s-e. It is hard to know how much information, but I reckon they’ll just ignore what they aren’t ready for…here’s hoping!

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