there’s always tomorrow

It’s funny, some days, parenthood (or more accurately, my kids) can make me absolutely effing nuts.  Then, the very next day, I wish there was some sort of  pause button I could hit so I could live in it forever.  

Take yesterday for example:  “No, I can’t” was the phrase of the day. (Again, to be more accurate, he meant.. ‘No, I won’t’.) 4 time-outs before 2. And then I lost count. The Danger-man called me out on my threat with: “fine take away my toys, I can’t (read: won’t) clean my room.” (So, I have a giant laundry basket chock full of toys in my garage and only now do I realize he actually conned me into cleaning up his room for him.)

And, the Pea decided that she needs 3 more teeth. Right now! All of which, she welcomed in with angry blisters and buckets of drool.  

It was enough to make me seriously consider a naked stroll downtown. Just so some nice people would come and take me away for, let just say, a vacation. (A padded room? I’ll take it!  Bars? That’s fine too.)

There were only 4 things that prevented me from taking said stroll yesterday.

1. The fact that the Pea really cannot talk, yet. (Even if that’s the only reason she wasn’t screaming “No” at me as well.)  
2. The Danger-man insisting on hitting the mall with us in Dash costume.
3. Finding this blog. Her ingenious (and rather witty) title and the story behind it helped squash two brutal fits before they really got started.
4. This picture:

But, today? Today. Has. Been. Amazing. It has made-up for the hell that was yesterday 10 times over. Today was made for dance parties, finger painting, and “Sure, Mommy!”

Oh and sneaking off to do this:



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5 responses to “there’s always tomorrow

  1. It’s an incredible roller-coaster, this parenting lark, isn’t it? And intense…definitely with you on the naked stroll or padded cell some days. Pleased today was better for you.

  2. You’re welcome, and absolutely worth it. 🙂

  3. ooo, that last post of mine sounds creepy…I meant the ride is absolutely worth it…I’m sure you are too, but I wouldn’t be so personal if I hadn’t been trying to get three kids into bed and type at the same time.

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