80’s movies

Yep. My kids watch them. (Don’t judge me.) I just think if we’re gonna spend the time in front of the tv, we might as well all enjoy it. So, yesterday, the Danger-man and I had a Ghostbusters marathon.

 And then he spent the better part of the afternoon and evening trying to perfect scenes from the movie with his trusty sidekicks: markers.

Check out Peter Venkman:

who you gonna call

And, the rest of the team (complete with food in Slimer’s stomach):

Just so we’re clear, I feel the same way about music.  We don’t have any ‘kid’s music’ in our house that the Hubs and I don’t enjoy listening to as well. Thank goodness for Casper Babypants.  Chris Ballew (you may know him from The Presidents of the United States of America) was the [music] love of my teens. And I love, love, love seeing my lil’ podlings shakin’ their booties to such a familiar voice. (But, I’m getting off track.)

Oh, and if you are curious. This is what I look like with the Pea:

you can tell it's me by the ponytail (and the boobies)





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