well, damn it anyway

I had this super fun weekend planned for us.  Tuesday morning playdate at OMSI and Wednesday afternoon at the Zoo (complete with a picnic lunch). And, yes. By weekend, I do mean Tuesday and Wednesday.

But, the Pea just had to wake up from her nap yesterday with red, swollen, goopy eyes. For those of you who haven’t experienced this before it can only mean one thing: conjunctivitis.  

Instead of a sweet time playing in the indoor sandbox like so:

We went to the doctor’s office looking more like this:  

Turns out not only does she have conjunctivitis, it was brought on by a double ear infection. Poor little Pea. She never showed one sign that she was feeling sick (okay, besides the snotty nose) or that her ears hurt. But, she definitely realized they were hurting as soon as the doctor wanted to take a peek. (She cried for a solid 30 minutes afterwards.)

Plus, it is highly contagious (the conjunctivitis not the ear infections.) So, we’re housebound this weekend. Hopefully, I can keep the Danger-man from kissing her too much.

So much for making plans. But, I suppose,  there is always next week. Here’s to hoping her medicine works fast and we’re not back in the doctor’s office too soon.


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