kindergarten… you know the tough decisions

This week we had our first meeting about kindergarten. (And it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be)

Our school district is a bit different from most as it has school choice. We have to register at our neighborhood school but we get the option to apply for the lottery for focus option schools. We have quite a few different options: art, science, environmental focus or  Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Japanese or Mandarin immersion.

The rumor around town is that neighborhood schools are dreadful and our kids will only have a chance if they’re enrolled in some sort of focus option. (I’m stressed out just typing about it) Of course our plan has been to get the Danger-man into a focus option.

But, now, I’m just  not so sure where to go with this decision.The schools are K -8. How the hell am I supposed to know what he is interested in and will be interesting in until effing 8th grade? I feel making this decision now would be more like dictating his interests to him rather than supporting their natural development. The different language immersion programs send home homework in a foreign language. And well, I kinda hoped I’d be able to help him with his homework. (Or, you know, at least until he comes home with 10th grade math.) Plus, I might as well just go ahead and face it: our family is chronically late. Having a school only 2 blocks away might prove vital.  

So, we were kind of leaning towards our neighborhood school.  Then we went to kindergarten round-up.  I loved the principle. The teachers seemed really great also. They even pioneered the new kindergarten math program for the entire district. Eric and I were even invited to join the PTA. (tattoos and all)  The book fair was in full swing.  And, I’m nearly sold on our neighborhood school.

I suppose for now, we’re keeping our options open and going to a few more round-ups. And, trying not to stress too much.    



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4 responses to “kindergarten… you know the tough decisions

  1. This post makes me feel a bajillion times better. In our area, the “elite moms” send their kids to private schools. The more I looked into the schools the more I realized that it was crazy bananas: knowledge testing for “students” at the age of 2 to qualify for Kindergarten classes and requiring letters from church people claiming that we are “good people”. As a fairly free-spirited, unwed but decent couple, we couldn’t justify sending our little dude to that kind of place!

    • Thank you Tori, you have no idea how grateful I am for your kind words. It’s so hard to make decisions for our family when everyone else has an opinion about what is ‘right’.

      BTW: Knowledge testing for 2 year olds–that is nuts!

  2. New to your blog, HI!! My husband and I talk frequently about how bananas this whole school thing is. I mean, really, what will it be like when we have to send them to college? Difficult decisions but with a little research and a lot of going with your gut, things tend to work out a lot better than we give ourselves credit for:)

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