birthday photo blog

We did it! The Pea turned 1. Well, I guess, she actually did it. We were just along for the ride. But, we all had a ton of fun:

first things first: open some presents. the danger-man just couldn't wait.

allow mama to savor the sweet family portrait and writing on the package (and apparently he prefers the french spelling of her name)

then put on our party dresses...

and attempt to pose for pictures for papa.

Then an introduction to donuts--Rose City style...

Voodoo Donuts


Seriously, can you think of a better way to celebrate than a jelly filled voodoo doll complete with pretzel needle?

oh...and that purple stuff? grape pixy stix. eff yeah!

Homemade party decorations

tissue paper poofs

Andy Warhol style vases


felt garland: flowers & peas

the Danger-man wanted to make some decorations too


banner and a photo a month


mounds of peas: I mean cupcakes for the birthday girl


pretty vegan cupcakes for everyone else


favors: watering cans, flower pinwheel, and a packet of Sweet Peas

opening presents with mama & papa

sadly, not a huge fan of cupcakes...or maybe the paparazzi

the end.



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2 responses to “birthday photo blog

  1. Yay! Happy 1st birthday! (Also, booooo! Isn’t it a little sad. I cried in my bathroom for a few minutes on my son’s 1st birthday. I guess I should’ve known the whole turning one thing was inevitable).
    Your decorations are super cute & funky!

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