Hey there, 
I suppose some introductions are in order.  I’m Apol. Yes, that’s a nickname. I really would tell you my entire name but, you’d probably just make some crack about Prince or Purple Rain so we’ll just leave it at Apol. I’m still in college, after a bit of a late start, majoring in Communications. I’ve been at this parenting gig since 2006 and you know, so far so good.  I love Mondays because Monday is Friday for us. I also dig: books, music, tattoos, the rain, laughing, living in the rose city, dirty jokes, road trips, making stuff, cooking (sometimes, but I’m generally a baker), wine (but, for the most part I’m a local beer or vodka gimlet kindofgirl), being sarcastic, and coffee lots of coffee.
But, mainly I dig my little family. It’s the best thing I’ve ever created. I had some help with this creation and I always give credit where credit is due so, a big shout out to Eric, the hubs and my partner in all things life. Apart from being his handsome self and more than I could have ever asked for in the husband/father department, he’s a super talented tattoo artist. You can find him here or on facebook.

  Together we made the Danger-man*:

and much more recently our Sweetpea*:

 Are they not the cutest little beings you’ve ever seen? I totally think so.

This blog is just stories about us. Because, I’ve been realizing more and more  lately  that  time is most certainly not on my side. (Screw you Earth, Wind, and Fire).  Our kids are growing up too quickly so, it might be nice to record a bit of their silliness for future reference. I hear when they’re teenagers I’m gonna need it. (If they’re anything like me, or the hubs for that matter, I have no doubt I will.)

I also dig making new friends so leave me a comment if you’d like. Or drop me a line at: mamalovesmonday@gmail.com.


*I didn’t just saddle them disgustingly cute names for the purposes of this blog. I just decided to use their middle names Danger and Sweetpea (or variations for the time being). So, I guess you could say we saddled them with disgustingly cute names for life. (Don’t hate us when you’re older.)


4 responses to “about

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my blog and leaving your words of encouragement. I can’t tell you how much it helps me…every kind word makes me feel a little bit stronger.

    Your kids are adorable! What a pair of cuties. I’ll be stopping by 🙂

    Marty (Small House by the Sea)

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. You have a lovely one here, yourself:) I will be back here for sure!

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