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spring break

Spring is here and I could not be more excited. (Even if it’s still raining.)

And we had the busiest week ever:

1. We had our first sunny and warm day of the year so we got outside and kicked the yard’s ass. I even got a jump-start on our garden: begonias, peas, strawberries, and artichokes (so far.)  

2.  My oldest friend came for a visit with her daughter to spend spring break with us. And we had so much fun: The arcade,  zoo, voodoo donuts, the rainy-rainy coast, and saturday market. Yummy food. Staying up late gossiping and watching Jesus Camp (because that’s much worse, or better, than any scary movie) and Archer. Two more sunny days that didn’t go to waste. And Eric started on her half sleeve:

Jealous? I totally am.

3. A much (much) needed night out and too many vodka gimlets. At least it was for a good cause: Tsunami relief.

4. The Danger-man killed me because he’s hilarious!

“knock knock.” ‘
who’s there?’
“Star wars”
‘Star wars who?’
“let me think about it…”

“Hey, you know what? Girls are gooder than me..”

5. I celebrated my blogaversary. (not really celebrated but, you know, it happened.) And since my first ever post was about april fool’s day I should share this year’s events with you. The Danger-man and I made cupcakes and decided to pull a prank on Eric. The plan was for the Danger-man to take his iced & sprinkled cupcake to Eric, offer it to him, then say “April Fools.” Nothing as crazy as a squirrel in the kitchen…  Too bad Eric was asleep on the couch when we put our plan in effect. His brain was all fussy and he was a bit slow on the uptake when the Danger-man shouted “April Fools” so, he didn’t give the cupcake back. Instead he took a bite. And the world ended. (Or at least that is what it sounded like from the kitchen.)   

the danger-man says he's now "the sprinkle-man!"

And now my spring break is here and I need to start preparing for the Danger-man’s 5th birthday. (Holy crap…he’s going to be five this month!) 


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purgeday thursday [and friday]

I’m about to hit my first blogaversary and I still feel like a newbie to the blogging world. Mainly, because I just don’t blog regularly enough. Or even comment on other blogs often. Not because I lack things to say. I just don’t have enough time to say it in. It’s all my effing school work. I’m buried. And I’ve burnt out.  But, I do like blogs, and blogging, and bloggers. I like the link-ups happening all over the place. They’re quite tempting. Even if I can’t find the time to join in. (We’ll except for wordless wednesday, I suppose. But, that’s really just a way to ensure that I post something at least once a week.)    

And then there’s Morgan. You know, over at the 818. She just started a fun weekly series that I feel compelled to join: Purgeday Thursday. Okay, maybe not exactly fun. More like, necessary and fantastic. I mean, who doesn’t need to get rid of un-necessarily crap? (I certainly do.)  And who wouldn’t want a support group while doing said purging? (Honestly, I might need it.)

Purging? Is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. We just have a lot of stuff. What’s worse, most of our stuff isn’t even really ours. People keep giving us thing. Things we don’t need. But, I can’t say no. (Not if I want to sleep at night without replaying the situation over and over in my head, knowing that I’ve must have offended them by saying no and have now irrecoverably damaged our relationship. )With all this things comes clutter. Which is mainly contained to the garage or closets.

And then there is the place we affectionately refer to as hoarders corner: 

yikes, this is embarrassing...


This is all us. It’s just so much randomness.. a small fortune in change, my mom’s mail (she lived with us up until a few months ago so we’re still getting her mail), window markers/crayons, left over gift bags from the Pea’s party, cords, shoes, books, Eric’s business junk, baby wipes, the broken camera,  a shopping bag, and the realization that I kinda suck at life. In the spirit of full disclosure, the picture is missing a couple cups of coffee and a can of beer (as this is the only furniture we have that’s the podlings can’t reach.) Now for a peek inside the little bins.

 Bin #1 contains: all sorts of paper products: mail, stickers, pictures, receipts, magazines, my dignity and apparently a lint roller:

 Bin #2  contains junk. All sorts of junk:
And Bin # 3 I actually dig. Right now it has all of our winter gear in easy reach. When it gets warmer I swap it out for sunblock, sunglasses, and summer hats:   
 Just so you know, I bought these cubbies with good intentions. I thought it would help us become a little more organized. A place to store shoes so we wouldn’t trip on them all over the house or stash our bags when we walk in  the door. A place to hold library books so we don’t forget to return them. Then it just started collecting junk. In an obvious stroke of genius I bought the little bins. I thought they’d help catch the necessary stuff that piles up and looks trashy: like mail, craft projects and whatnot. But, that backfired too. If we’re doing a quick pick up the majority of stuff just gets shoved in so company doesn’t see it.  And the law “out of sight, out of mind” wins every time. I never remember to go back and clean it out until I need something. Then my lack of time comes into play. And sometimes, I’m just overwhelmed with the stuff we have to have but I don’t know what to do with.  So, hoarders corner is where I begin.

Using some of the tips in this post from Morgan and her tips from  Bneato I hope to be able to covert my hoarders corner in to something more manageable. (Now that it’s public, there will be no stopping me.) Check back next week and I’ll post pics of my progress and then I’ll tackle the garage.   Wish me luck.


(and look at me posting actual words two days in a row.)


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shameless plug

I just signed up for Bloglovin’ and in order to ‘claim’ my blog it seems I have to plug myself. So here goes:

Follow my blog with bloglovin

(I mean, you know, if you want.)

Well, that was a bit embarrassing. But, other than that, Bloglovin’ seems like a great service. (So far.) Much more straightforward than my subscriptions page on this site. (I’m sorry WordPress. Please don’t delete me.) Plus, now I can finally par down  the 1/2 mile list of blogs the hubs and I keep under our ‘favorites’.

Stay tuned–I’ll be back whining about how fast my kids are growing up soon enough.

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for the love of books…

I’m still trying to figure out this whole blogging thing so I’ve been browsing blogs in my spare time lately. And I stumbled on Book Chick City and this reading challenge. 100 books in a year. 

Initially, I thought: “I can totally do that.–I’m in!” 

And then I realized, I COULD do that IF I counted children’s books. I think I read maybe 20 adult books last year. MAYBE. (And, embarrassing enough,  nearly half of those were the Sookie Stackhouse series.)

What’s worse, I read way more often when I was a working mom. Now, that I’m a sahm (wow. I think that was the first time writing that acronym. It felt weird.) I just don’t get that much ‘me’ time.  And yes, I counted my 30 minute bus ride (each way) as ‘me’ time.

This year, I want to read more-for myself (and not just textbooks). Really, it’s what I love and it’s what I do best. We’re only 9 days in to the new year so I suppose it’s not to late for a resolution and to join this challenge.

 Okay—so it’s not 100 books. But, it’s a start..and maybe the challenge aspect will keep me motived to make some time for myself to do what I love. Plus, I haven’t read Anne Rice’s entire Vampire Cronicles- so there’s that.  

 Wish me luck. ❤

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