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spring break

Spring is here and I could not be more excited. (Even if it’s still raining.)

And we had the busiest week ever:

1. We had our first sunny and warm day of the year so we got outside and kicked the yard’s ass. I even got a jump-start on our garden: begonias, peas, strawberries, and artichokes (so far.)  

2.  My oldest friend came for a visit with her daughter to spend spring break with us. And we had so much fun: The arcade,  zoo, voodoo donuts, the rainy-rainy coast, and saturday market. Yummy food. Staying up late gossiping and watching Jesus Camp (because that’s much worse, or better, than any scary movie) and Archer. Two more sunny days that didn’t go to waste. And Eric started on her half sleeve:

Jealous? I totally am.

3. A much (much) needed night out and too many vodka gimlets. At least it was for a good cause: Tsunami relief.

4. The Danger-man killed me because he’s hilarious!

“knock knock.” ‘
who’s there?’
“Star wars”
‘Star wars who?’
“let me think about it…”

“Hey, you know what? Girls are gooder than me..”

5. I celebrated my blogaversary. (not really celebrated but, you know, it happened.) And since my first ever post was about april fool’s day I should share this year’s events with you. The Danger-man and I made cupcakes and decided to pull a prank on Eric. The plan was for the Danger-man to take his iced & sprinkled cupcake to Eric, offer it to him, then say “April Fools.” Nothing as crazy as a squirrel in the kitchen…  Too bad Eric was asleep on the couch when we put our plan in effect. His brain was all fussy and he was a bit slow on the uptake when the Danger-man shouted “April Fools” so, he didn’t give the cupcake back. Instead he took a bite. And the world ended. (Or at least that is what it sounded like from the kitchen.)   

the danger-man says he's now "the sprinkle-man!"

And now my spring break is here and I need to start preparing for the Danger-man’s 5th birthday. (Holy crap…he’s going to be five this month!) 


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lemonade: you bastard!

Let’s backtrack for a second. The weather has been shitty and according to the weather-man it was just going to get worse. So, we spent last Tuesday at the mall just to get out of the house.  Mainly, we window shopped and let  the kids burn off some energy in the play land. (That’s the breaks of living in the PNW. Most of the year we’re playing in the rain or holed up inside.) And, I fell in love with a purse that I didn’t need. Eric tried to convince me to buy it but I balked. (I can think of a trillion other things that we actually need and a new purse isn’t one of them. Besides, after a year of lugging a diaper bag, any purse will do. Even an old one from the bottom of the closet will seem brand new again.) And, I was a little bit proud of myself for walking away.

Two days later, Eric ran home on his lunch-break because the Pea turned into a poo-cano, reminiscent of her newborn days, and we needed pedialyte. I answered his knock and he was standing on the porch with pedialyte and Starbucks (my hero!) And the purse. (Sometimes he’s just too good to be true.) After that, the peanut butter and jelly I threw together for him seemed a bit inadequate.

The weather  hadn’t gotten much better but we decided a venture out of the house was long overdue. We ended up at  the Kennedy School. It’s one of our favorite places to go.  (Old elementary school turned hotel/restaurant/ bar with a cheap movie theater and a heated soaking pool. Can’t get any better.) We love to catch a movie during mommy matinée and snarf down some pizza and pitcher of lemonade.

We had a ton of fun. The Danger-man brought his pocket-sized light saber so he could pretend it was a wand. He would brandish it and whisper ‘stupify’ inbetween handfuls of popcorn. The Pea thought it was awesome to try to shove tiny fist-full of popcorn down Eric’s throat. When that became boring she decided to try to see how full she could make my cheeks. (She’s already so good at sharing, right?) But, that’s not the point.

The point? After the movie, I threw the Pea’s sippy cup into my beautiful new purse. It was full.  And the lid?  Apparently it wasn’t screwed on tightly.  We stopped our front to pose for pictures and I pulled out my camera and lemonade was literally pouring out of around the buttons. The entire bottom of my purse was soaked and now stained.

Forget the kids, I was the one who had a meltdown this time. I mean, I don’t throw myself on the ground kicking and screaming but, I might as well. Seriously. And, forget the purse, I love it anyway. My camera on the other hand? Toast.


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wordless wednesday [tattoo edition]


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Dear Eric,

That is all.

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oh honey, don’t stop!

That’s exactly what I kept saying in bed last night. But, it’s not what you think.

You see, Eric does this thing where he lightly traces his finger over my face while I’m trying to fall asleep. (It’s the most perfect feeling, sigh.)  He used to do it nearly every night. But,it doesn’t happen as often anymore. Probably because we had kids and he now uses that trick to help the kids fall asleep ( and, I really can’t complain about that.) The only problem is, odds are about 50/50 that Eric will fall asleep first.

Anyway, our poor Pea-face. After discovering that her ears hurt, she proceeded to act accordingly: absolutely effing miserable. (I honestly don’t think she has screamed that much since she was a newborn.) When I finally got her off to sleep, it was short-lived. From upstairs, sans monitor, I could hear her groaning in her sleep. When I went to check on her, she looked so pitiful I thought she needed to sleep with us. Eric protested at first. (Because he remembered what this was like and he was afraid that she hasn’t been weaned long enough to forget about those shenanigans.) But, he took one look at her pitiful little face and made room. The Pea snuggled in happily between us at first but then  just couldn’t get comfortable. She kept flopping around trying to find a comfy spot to go back to sleep. 

When she couldn’t get settled, she opted for screaming. Eric remembered his handy little trick and she quieted down immediately. She was about to drift off when Eric hand stopped moving. The second he fell asleep she started screaming right where she left off. (I suppose I should mention: for the life of me, I can’t do it.  Believe me, I tried. And whenever I try, the kids just brush my hands away.)  True to form she just brushed my hand away and continued screaming. So, I had to wake up Eric and keep him awake until the Pea was out.

Trust me, that phase didn’t seem so dirty at the time. (And, don’t worry, we let him sleep in this morning.)

I don’t think coffee is going to hack it this morning. I may need to go straight for a mimosa or a screwdriver.


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